Selling Your Property


  1. You deal with a firm that is highly experienced and understands the current market place.

  2. You deal with a brokerage who looks after your interest and works harder knowing that they have the trust, confidence and commitment of the vendor.

  3. You do not have to encounter the complexities in the "Bring me an offer" type of approach.

  4. You save time that would be wasted dealing unproductively with many brokerage firms.

  5. You are provided up front with a market evaluation so you know what the value of your building is.

  6. You get the greatest marketing exposure for your property.

  7. You deal with a brokerage firm that knows who all the current buyers are.

  8. You give us the authorization to release full information to all prospective purchasers.

  9. We, on your behalf, co-operate extensively with other qualified real estate representatives.

  10. You benefit from our proven systems and processes that bring about a successful transaction.

  11. You are provided with discretion ensuring that your property is exposed to the market in a controlled approach.

  12. You get our expertise during the due diligence process to ensure that the transaction closes.

  13. You feel comfortable that the fee you pay is reasonable for the ultimate service you have received.

  14. You have achieved top dollar for your building.

  15. You are a satisfied client.