Privacy Policy




Skyview Realty Ltd., and its group of companies, is committed to respecting your privacy and has prepared this Policy to inform you of our policy and practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information.

This policy governs Personal Information collected from and about:

  1. Individuals who from time to time contact Skyview Realty Ltd., and its group of companies, regarding properties available for sale or other enquiries about the multi-unit residential business.
  2. Individuals who are known to have owned or managed multi-unit residential investment property, or have an interest in such property type, are associated with such individuals or are suppliers to such individuals.

Use of Your Personal Information:

We use this information to support or enhance the relationship with such individuals by providing periodic information regarding this type of investment property. At any time, such individuals may notify Skyview Realty Ltd. to discontinue receiving this information.

In the usual course of real estate transactions, Skyview Realty Ltd. may require from buyers and sellers more personal and detailed property information. Some of this information may be considered private. Collecting and sharing this information is an essential part of the buying and selling process. At the same time, few thing are more important to individuals than their privacy. Skyview Realty Ltd. recognizes the rights of buyers and sellers to protect and control their personal information. Skyview Realty Ltd. is committed to using fair information practices when dealing with your personal information.

Skyview Realty Ltd.'s committment is to distribute such information only to individuals or organizations with respect to the particular transaction for which it was collected for.

Any other distribution of personal information will be done upon consent of the individual.

Control of Your Personal Information:

Skyview Realty Ltd., and its group of companies, strive to maintain a high standard of security and confidentiality pertaining to personal information. Skyview Realty Ltd., and its group of companies, has implemented policies and procedures regarding the internal access and use of information. Any individual who we maintain information on, may contact Skyview Realty Ltd. with any privacy related questions or concerns, or request in writing for their personal information that we maintain, or request correction thereof.