Control Your Parking Without Losing Control of Your Budget

Article by Jennifer Steinhauer

Let's face it, parking comes with its own set of problems readily available to suit your headache needs. Residential visitor stalls are abused by both tenants and non-tenants. Perhaps your tenants park in the visitor stalls because they are closer, taking up two spaces instead of one. Or perhaps your parking facilities are in a prime location for non-tenants to park even though they have no business in your building whatsoever. So how do you get control back?

There are now effective options available to you to control your parking without paying for expensive machines. Parking-by-phone is quickly becoming a popular and successful option for residential property owners as it creates the necessity for a parking permit but does not require any equipment except a sign. Because of this, there are no expenses to budget and allows you to do your business without worrying about the next time you need to order permit paper rolls.

Phone-based parking permits are, by design, a security feature. Unlike paper permits which are anonymous, callers provide their vehicle's license plate information which is permanently retained. If a vehicle is on your property when it should not be, the need for a permit will create an official record, which may repel unwanted traffic and stop the problem before it starts.

It is also a safety precaution for your patrons. Because the permits are obtained over the telephone, there is no need to run outside to obtain or update a permit in the middle of the night. For those that are worried about venturing into a dark parking lot alone at night, it is an effective and beneficial solution for all involved.

What about enforcement? Depending on the parking permit company you choose, enforcement is usually a separate service, giving you the flexibility to use any enforcement option that best suits your needs. There are many solutions available, including some at no cost check your local directory for enforcement companies to discuss your needs.

Some phone permit services require patrons to pre-register their vehicle and credit card information before use, while some are completely ad-hoc and require no commitment at all. Choose the option that is best for you. The bottom line is you have control over your parking, your budget, and how much revenue you generate from the service.

Technology is evolving before us, and not even parking can escape its developments. One positive aspect is that these changes are making our lives easier and less expensive than previous services. Taking advantage of these new services can be one of the best decisions you can make, and can be a small part of the big picture for your business future, or can be a simple eliminate to a current problem. Either way, you are in complete control.

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