Skyview Realty Ltd., Brokerage was incorporated in 1989 by its principal broker Danny Iannuzziello. Skyview is a full service brokerage firm specializing in the sale of multi-unit residential properties.

Skyview has brokered transactions of investment properties of all size ranges from smaller 6 to 30 unit properties, mid-range properties of 30-130 units, to $20+ Million dollar multi-unit high rises and large private portfolios worth over $65 Million dollars. Skyview has also brokered properties through power of sales, estate sales, court ordered sales, with private independent investors, pension funds, and REITs.

Skyview has incorporated systems and processes and has a proven methodology that assures the investor that a proper decision is made each step of the way.

Skyview has reinvested back into the company and has state of the art technology to assist in areas such as research, marketing, due diligence, and financing. Skyview maintains a database of over 13,500 multi-residential owners and investors, and all of their properties in the province of Ontario. In addition, Skyview tracks all new investors coming into the province.

Skyview has also worked with all types of problem properties including those with environmental deficiencies, structural-related issues, disagreements between partners, city work orders, unfit financing, and more. With the experience gained from brokering in excess of 900 transactions for clients, there is no problem too big or one that has not been experienced by Skyview Realty and its network of experts.

Skyview understands the need for discretion when selling your property and we believe strongly in maintaining confidentiality. We have systems in place to ensure your building staff are informed of the sales process at the appropriate time and will participate with providing access to the property. We also have the ability to control the degree of exposure your property gets in the public eye, from full market exposure to targeted marketing. We have the ability to work on exclusive listings or on an MLS basis, or if you prefer, we can just bring an offer from one of our many qualified buyers.

Since its inception the Skyview team has acted with clients on more than 900 multi-unit residential properties. In 2020, during a pandemic, Skyview Realty Ltd. sold 10 apartment buildings within the calendar year. Already, during 2021 so far, we have already sold 6 apartment buildings! For the past thirty-one years, of all transactions listed and sold by Skyview Realty Ltd., we were successful in finding the buyer in 91% of the cases.

Although the predominance of Skyview Realty Ltd. buyers are from the Province of Ontario, we have acted on behalf of clients from Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, South America, Italy, South Africa and the United States. We have also acted for clients from other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Halifax.

The Bottom Line is We Don't Just List Your Apartment Building... WE SELL IT!