Join in on the Appliance Replacement Campaign for Reena Foundation

For over two decades, Skyview Realty has partnered with Reena Foundation to provide financial support and industry-related knowledge in the residential housing arm of their operations.

Reena Foundation is the fundraising arm of Reena – a non-profit social service agency dedicated to helping children, adults and senior citizens with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential and to become integrated into the mainstream of society.

Reena operates 38 group homes. In total 400 individuals with a developmental disability call a Reena residence home. Each home has at minimum 5 major appliances – fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer & dryer. With an average of 5 people per household, these appliances see a lot of wear and tear. They have very heavy usage demands on them and require constant maintenance. Despite the ongoing maintenance in these high demand situations, the life expectancy of a typical major appliance is 5 years.

To begin this special campaign with Reena, Skyview Realty is partnering to raise the initial funds to replace the Fridges and Stoves at all of Reena's locations. We have negotiated a terrific price for high quality refrigerators and stoves through a partnership with Appliance Canada.

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Will you answer the call?

The owners of multi-unit residential properties are known for their generosity in the communities around them. Now, there's an opportunity to do more good deeds with an organization that has a very practical and industry-related cause. Skyview Realty is looking to continue partnering with Reena by gathering individuals and businesses who could donate towards Reena's Appliance Replacement Program. Will you join us in this endeavour?

You can choose to donate by purchasing one or more appliances:

Platinum Donation - 2 Stoves & 2 Refrigerator, $2,180
Gold Donation - 1 Stove & 1 Refrigerator, $1,090
Silver Donation - 1 Refrigerator, $660
Bronze Donation - 1 Stove, $430

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  • "While touring the Reena homes, I was overwhelmed by the smiles on the faces of Reena's residents. Reena provides a caring environment and their staff are dedicated to serving their residents. But the need for better appliances became painfully clear. Their current appliances can't keep up with the demand of the constant use needed to operate the homes. Their kitchens operate steadily as you would see in a restaurant, and their laundry machines are constantly running to provide for the residents... These new appliances are such a practical need that serves the greater purpose at Reena."

    - Cliff Ford

Take a few minutes to watch the video below which will give you a vision of what Reena is doing to help those with developmental disabilities:

  • "Reena is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Growing up with a developmentally challenged brother, I've seen first hand the amount of care and attention that is required by families to provide a healthy lifestyle for these individuals. Reena has always been a leader in the field of health care, education, and participation within this community. My hope is that the members of our industry will see the vision and do their part to contribute to this campaign."

    - Danny Iannuzziello

Would you consider participating in this tremendous cause?

If so, we welcome you to click on the button below to visit the donation page for Reena Foundation. You can donate by credit card through Reena Foundation's form or if you prefer to make a cash donation or provide a cheque to Reena's Appliance Replacement Program, send us an email at

(Tax Receipt Provided)

To learn more about Reena and their work in the community, visit their website at: