Making the Right Choice for Your Multi-Residential Windows

Article by Ron Bonin

With a plethora of options available in the market, how do you know which company and what type of windows will work best with your apartment building? It is my hope that this guide will assist you in finding not only the right product, but the right installation company that will get the job done professionally, on budget, and as quickly as possible to avoid tenant disruption.

It is my hope that this article will guide you in selecting the right company for your multi-residential window project.

Hiring a Professional Company

The major differences between a professional window company and the type that will cause you nothing but troubles, is the commitment to service, the quality of their installation, and the process of manufacturing.

Many companies do not manufacture their product on site. This can end up costing you more in the long run - paying out a profit margin to both the manufacturer and the installer. When your windows are not manufactured by the installer, you can expect delays in the installation time from refitting, and adjustments to the structure around the window. Companies that provide in-house manufacturing give you the peace of mind that you will get the exact fit for your building.

Always verify the quality of work your window company can provide. Any company worth their salt should be able to provide excellent client testimonials and samples of their work.

Watch Your Budget

When considering the costs for replacing windows in your apartment buildings, you have to look at both the costs of replacement, as well as the savings your new windows will provide. While it is tempting to look at quotes for replacement and choose the company that may save you 10% or more in the initial stage, this could end up costing more down the road. That 10% savings could translate into sub-par quality installation or hardware, costing you more for future replacements or repairs.

A wise choice would be spending a little extra on your windows to ensure they are done properly as well as providing you with energy savings. For example, utilizing Low E2 Glass with a silver coating may mean a larger budget initially, but the savings could be up to 30-50% on your future energy bills.

Finishing on Time

Tenant disruption is one of the greatest obstacles when replacing the windows in your building. Choosing a less-than-professional company to install can lead to major headaches with tenants complaining about the ongoing work in their units.

When choosing a window installation company, look for a company that will stand by their word for completion dates. Ask about their process for completing a project to give you a good sense as to how reliable they will be to finish the task at hand. Ask yourself about the company’s team of installers. Do they have enough manpower to complete 3-5 apartments in a day? Individual contractors simply cannot process enough units in a day to keep tenants from being aggravated.

Keep in mind, the spring and summer months are the busiest times to replace windows. Getting measurements and quotes now will ensure you are ready to move into installation as quickly as possible in the Spring.

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