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Expert Multifamily Broker, Cliff Ford,  Shares Critical Insights For Buyers   

With years of experience in the marketing world, Cliff Ford is a Sales Representative with Skyview Realty, a brokerage firm that specializes in the sale of multi-unit residential buildings throughout Ontario. In the past 13 years with Skyview, Cliff has been involved in the sale of over 200 apartment buildings. Wearing many hats with Skyview, Cliff has gained significant experience in every aspect of the apartment building sale process from marketing and research to acquisitions and sales negotiations. He is known throughout the apartment industry for his dedication to providing great customer service to Skyview’s clients and for his thorough approach to due diligence.

In this interview, we discussed key insights like:

MLS usage and strategies in the multifamily space

Working with independent investors vs. real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Systems and processes available in the brokerage world when working with multifamily investors

How to position yourself as a serious buyer in front of brokerage companies

Competition and demand in the apartment building sector

Raising capital in the multifamily asset class

High-demand markets and unit sizes in Ontario

Turnover and vacancies during Covid-19

Seller financing and vendor take-back mortgages

Advice for those looking to get involved in apartment building investing

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